Concert reviews

Glass Animals concert reviews

Below is the compilation of Glass Animals concerts reviews from people who have attended their concerts.

Sometimes you wonder if the show will be as good as the album, Glass Animals was better live! I traveled from Athens to Charlotte just for the show and am SO glad I did.


They really portrayed the feel of their new album with their performance.

Favorite moment: Everyone singing the lyrics to 3/5 of the songs together


ABSOLUTELY AMAZING! The band was outstanding and their music and energy filled the theater! I will definitely see them again!!!!

Favorite moment: The song “Youth”


This was my fourth time seeing Glass Animals. Twice at festivals, and once in Nashville a year ago and they never disappoint. This was the best show yet.The energy they put out is addictive. You cannot go to their show and not dance, smile and feel the music. Everyone was having a great time, you could feel the energy in the crowd. Full of positivity and good vibes. Front man Dave Bayley is the best out there. His dance moves prove that he believes in his art which in turn makes everyone believe in it. His confidence is amazing. You will never be disappointed. Not to mention, the light show is killer.

Favorite moment: When the band played Agnes for the first time ever live. So many feels.
Setlist: Premade Sandwiches, Life Itself, Black Mambo, Season 2 Episode 3, Hazey, Poplar St, The Other Side of Paradise, Gooey, Take a Slice, Toes, Cocoa Hooves, Cane Shuga, Youth, Pools, Agnes and Pork Soda.


Glass Animals is my favorite band and I love every one of their songs because they’re all amazing. But seeing them live and truly feeling the emotion behind each song, it was unbelievable. But besides a personal love, the show was crazy good! I honestly don’t know what band is going to top that performance.

Favorite moment: Gooey and Poplar St were my favorite songs performed.


Glass Animals put on a great show, just as I expected. Their sound is amazing live. If you’re a fan of their music, I highly recommend seeing them!

Favorite moment: Hearing the first chord of Gooey.

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